CHP Adblock Detector Plugin

IMPORTANT: If you have a Cache Plugin, please delete all caches after the Adblock Settings update.

Adblocking extensions are most used to block the ads shown in browsers or websites. Nowadays, Adblock Plus is a popular extension to block ads in browsers. This will decrease the revenue of the blog owner.

Now, We have introduced the WordPress plugin (CHP Ads Block Detector WordPress Plugin) that will detect most of the AdBlock extensions installed on the browser and show a popup to disable the extension. This plugin restricts the user to access the page unless the user will disable the extension for your website.

This will work for most of the ads block extensions such as Adblock, AdBlock Plus, ghostery, etc.

This plugin will also work for opera built-in ads block extension.


  • ☞ Adblock
  • ☞ Adblock for Chrome™
  • ☞ AdBlock Plus
  • ☞ Ghostery
  • ☞ AdGuard
  • ☞ uBlocker
  • ☞ Fair AdBlocker
  • ☞ Hola ad remover
  • ☞ Comodo AdBlocker
  • ☞ Opera Built-in AdBlock extension


  • ☞ Doesn’t require any extension or library (Even jQuery)
  • ☞ Lightweight ☞ Ability to customize the title
  • ☞ Ability to customize messages
  • ☞ Hide or Show Refresh and Close Button
  • ☞ Change style of the popup
  • ☞ Customize own title or message
  • ☞ Custom Buttons
  • ☞ Button Text Customizable
  • ☞ Overlay Effect Customizable
  • ☞ Theme
  • ☞ Control Body Scroll
  • ☞ Disable plugin for Pages
  • ☞ Disable for Woocommerce Pages
  • ☞ Disable for individual posts or pages
  • ☞ Adjust to theme color
  • ☞ And much much more …
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Purchase Information

Developer: CHP Adblock

WordPress: 5.2 or higher

PHP: 7.2 or higher

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