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Adblock Script

Static Website

This is the basic CHP Adblock script for adblock detection.

If you have purchase the license of CHP Adblock then customize the settings from here



Static Websites

If you have WordPress websites then you can get multiple plugins to detect the Adblock extension or software. If you don’t then you get challenging to see the AdBlock extension and request the user to disable the Adblock extension for your website. This script is an Adblock detector for static websites.

A platform like Blogger or static websites doesn’t have the option of plugin installation. So, the users who are using these platforms can use our script to detect AdBlock and show the popup message.

1. Adblock Detector For Static Website:

Adblock Detector for static website

If you have a website that you built by yourself or another developer and have access to FTP (to change the code) then you can follow the following steps.

  • Change the settings according to your requirement
  • Click on the Generate Script button then the script is generated.
  • Click on Copy to Clipboard button to copy the script.
  • Open the FTP (control panel to edit the website files)
  • Just before closing the /body tag, Paste the code below.
  • Save the file and check the website

2. Adblock Detector For Blogger:

Adblock Detector for blogger

If you have a blogger website then you can follow the following steps to install the Adblock detector script.

  • Login to your blogger account
  • Click on the Theme option on the left sidebar
  • You can see the yellow Customize button and a down arrow. Click that down arrow.
  • The small menu will appear and you can see Edit HTML. Click on that button.
  • Click Ctr + F on your keyword the search box will appear on top. Paste </body> and hit enter.
  • Paste the script code just above the /body tag.
  • Click on the save icon and check your website.

If you like the script and want to purchase the premium version of the CHP Adblock then please click here.

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